Turinabol – Hilma Biocare

Turanabol – Hilma Biocare

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What is it Turinabol – Hilma Biocare?

Turinabol is a steroid similar to danabol, without water retention

It is relatively mild on the liver, and has no estrogenic side effects.

Turinabol is good for weight gain as well as before competition to maintain muscle mass while caloric levels are drastically reduced!

How is Turinabol administered?

Turinabol is recommended to be used between 4-6 weeks!

The recommended dose is between 40mg-100mg per day, preferably divided into doses from 4h to 4h and the last dose should not be after 21:00 so we can have a calmer sleep.

The Negative Effects of Turanabol?

As side effects, it is known to cause gastric distress in the form of acid / ulcer. It is important to pay extra attention to the liver when taking turinabol.
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