Esculap – Balkan Pharmaceuticals

Esculap – Balkan Pharmaceuticals

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What is it Esculap – Balkan Pharmaceuticals?

Esculap is a substance that has the role of pumping blood to the desired place in the muscles, penis !!!

Many use it for potency

The Esculap stays in the body for 36 hours.

Many men, after quitting a steroid cycle, suffer from reduced libido and erectile dysfunction. Cialis (Esculap) can help fix this, at least during PCT.

The dose is:

half a pill a day if libido is low after a steroid cycle.
the minimum dose is 10 mg and the maximum dose is 20 mg

Attention, it is recommended to take the pill together with at least 500ml of water for maximum effects of the Esculap !!!

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