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Genotropin 36 Units – Pfizer

Genotropin 36 Units – Pfizer

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What is it Genotropin 36 units – Pfizer ?

Genotropin 36 units is a pharmacy under the brand name Pfizer, it has a superior quality!

How is genotropin administered?

It is injected subcutaneously into the abdomen at the umbilical cord
Recommended dose?

The dosage depends on the person, for beginners the minimum dose is 3 units a day in the morning before meals 20 minutes!

The dosage for the average person is 8 units every 2 days (morning on an empty stomach and evening before bed)

The calculation method is: 12 (mg): 36 (units), ie each 0.33 represents 1 unit of somatropin!

Genotropin HGH stimulates growth, influences the metabolism and secretion of other hormones in the body.

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