Masteron – Hilma Biocare

Masteron – Hilma Biocare

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What is it Masteron – Hilma Biocare ?

Masteron – is a weak steroid, with very poor mass gains, and its effect is more aesthetic than permanent. Masteron is a derivative of DHT (even very close to DHT, others call it pure DHT) so it means that it is very androgenic.

When is Masteron recommended?

The masterone is recommended before the competition, it gives a hard look to the muscles and dry.

The doses are between 300mg / ml – 600mg / ml per week, depending on the chosen ester cycle, and what is the purpose of that cycle!

The material exists in the fast version Drosta Propionat and in the slow version Drosta Enantat!

The negative effects of Masteron?

The common ones with andeogenic steroids in nature – attack hair, good cholesterol, and masculinization in women.


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