Winstrol (Stanozol) – Hilma Biocare

Winstrol (Stanozol ) – Hilma Biocare

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What is it Winstrol (Stanozol ) – Hilma Biocare?

Winstrol is a relatively useful steroid for competition, Winstrol removes water from the body, strengthens the muscle and gives a dry appearance to the user. It is especially recommended before the competition, as it does not produce dramatic mass gains, and the appearance is temporary.

How is it administered?

Recommended cycle between 4-6 weeks with dosage between 20mg-70mg

Winstrol is toxic to the liver, if there are past liver problems, it is recommended to avoid consuming it. If you still decide to use Winstrol, it is recommended to use a liver protector for example (liv52, essential strength, silymarin, etc.)
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